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But this All-Star comment is interesting since he's over the age limit dictated by himself and is suggesting that women solely go to this annual event to have sex—as opposed to actually enjoying the sport and parties.Critical thinking is an endangered species these days.Per Gilbert Arenas' logic, women of a certain age should not be at the NBA All-Star weekends.On Friday in New Orleans, the 66th annual bash kicks off with a series of basketball games and parties all leading up to the main event on Sunday (Feb. Basketball fans from all over the globe come to see their favorite players and just enjoy the surrounding festivities.Almost like this dude was just waiting on an out to get away from Laura.

He captions the post with a colorful remark about how the aforementioned "old" women are probably dating the ESPN announcers and half-court league players.

For those who aren’t aware—and I personally hope that number is quite high, though I’ll be far from shocked when that hope is shattered—stealthing is the act of removing a condom mid-way through a sexual encounter, without a partner’s knowledge.

Though this is also present within the gay community, the most common victims are women.

RELATED: 'Basketball Wives LA' Shaken Up With New Cast Members But Gilbert thinks, for women, there should be an age cut-off.

In an Instagram post, the 35-year-old former professional basketball player shared an i Phone notes statement of his intellectual findings.

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