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He developed other inventions, notably sugarcane-crushing machinery of advanced design, but he was soon devoted to metallurgy.In his time there were but two iron-based construction materials: and raking off the slag).

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Cast iron was excellent for load-bearing purposes, such as columns or bridge piers, and for engine parts, but for girders and other spans, and particularly for rails, only wrought iron was suitable.

removed carbon, which makes cast iron brittle, and produced a material that could be rolled or forged, but only in “blooms,” or large lumps of 100–200 pounds, and that was full of slag.

After 1965 the company was known as Cooper Industries. The Cooper Bessemer Type LS was a large direct reversing four stroke cycle marine engine with 15-1/2 inch bore and 22 inch stroke, built in six, seven, and eight cylinder configurations, and in naturally aspriated and turbocharged versions.

Power ratings of up to 1400 horsepower at 400 RPM were available from the eight cylinder naturally aspriated unit, and outputs up to 2100 horsepower at 400 RPM could be achieved by the turbocharged eight cylinder engine.

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