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The guys killed ri ta and she than came to jisang (her hero). their really admirable and their love story were build in this drama. But i am really satisfied that I still gave it a shot! This is DEFINITELY FAR from being the worst kdrama ever. I was expecting a phone call of her and someone who ears-dropped it. (I cried the hardest and most when Joo Hyun Woo died, but I cried almost as much for Park Ji Sang). It's a very nice drama which is different from the traditional themes of the dramas. The lead role Yoo Rita and Park Ji Sang were adorable too. Let's think how much they lose or how many lunch or dinner they passed for this Drama. I am wondering why some kept on bashing the two (2) main characters, but of course they are entitled to own opinions. First of all most Caucasians have bigger eyes compared to the Korean.

It is true that in the sign of the cross the decorative and geometrical concept, obtained by a juxtaposition of lines pleasing to the sight, is remarkably prominent; nevertheless, the cross was originally not a mere means or object of ornament, and from the earliest times had certainly another — i.e. The primitive form of the cross seems to have been that of the so-called "gamma" cross (. The swastika, appears in an epitaph on a pagan tombstone of Tebessa in Roman Africa (Annuaire de la Société de Constantine, 1858-59, 205, 87), on a mosaic of the (Ennio Quirino Visconti, Opere varie, ed. Menschen, mit dem du den zweiten Frhling verbringen kannst. We supply the latest models, plus steam press overlockers. Singer is a leading brand in the sewing machine world. The sign of the cross, represented in its simplest form by a crossing of two lines at right angles, greatly antedates, in both the East and the West, the introduction of Christianity.It goes back to a very remote period of human civilization.

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