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This was the landscape of Chicago sports when I was growing up, and from 1984-1998, I saw some pretty incredible feats: 1.

I saw three Cubs teams go to the playoffs, (I’ve since seen a fourth), and despite the fact that they are thirty years older than me, my parents have also seen the same four Cubs teams go to the playoffs.

This coastal town on the eastern tip of Alicante province has become such a popular holiday destination that its population of around 32 thousand inhabitants swells up to more than triple this number during the summer tourist season.

Javea (called Xabia, in the Valenciano dialect) is the oldest known Roman settlement on Spain's east coast, dating as far back as the second century A. when Roman boats traded here for fish and minerals.

He was also close to Rocco and Charles (Trigger-Happy Charlie) Fischetti, a pair of brothers and cousins to Chicago Prohibition Era don Al (Scarface) Capone who rose to prominence in the Outfit hierarchy, first at Capone’s side and then on their own after Capone’s jailing in the 1930s.

One particular FBI file pertaining to Sinatra tells of ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ accompanying the Fischetti brothers and Chicago mafia boss Tony (the Big Tuna) Accardo to a meeting of mob higher-ups in Cuba in 1946.

Sunset Gallery in Port Macquarie's CBD boasts one of the largest collections of genuine vintage collectible movie posters on Australians east coast dating back to the 40's.

While the East Coast struggles with the damage, why don't we turn our own weekend dates into a way to help?

Learning the Hard Way My parents became friends in 1972.

For eight years they lived on the East Coast, dating on and off until they decided to get married in 1980.

During the sixth century Visigoth Christian monks arrived and founded the monastery of San Martin.

To this day you will encounter locals with Visigoth names.

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