Girls for sex in nairobi

He barks at them and tries to go back inside the bar, but he seems interested, just drunk and undecided.

Girls for sex in nairobi-12

For this group of 6- to 16-year-olds in dirt-speckled clothes, business, the search for a trick or a 20-cent handout, was about to begin.

A few blocks away, a gang of homeless boys had started hustling, sidling up to European visitors, hands outstretched, asking for money.

The number of street children abandoned by their parents and living by their wits has increased in Nairobi and other major sub-Saharan cities in recent years, a product of the breakdown of the extended families and village culture that were pillars of African life.

When Sophia confronted her boyfriend about her diagnosis he confessed that he tested positive three months before they became sexually involved.

"I cannot tell anyone about it, not even the closest of my friends," Sophia said, since she is not married and premarital sex goes against her Muslim culture. Like many of her friends, she thought having that type of sex would preserve her virginity for her husband.

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