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Read more: The Axon Body 2 chest-mounted cameras retail for about 0, and licensing for the website and data storage can cost to a month depending on the features a police department wants to activate, the company said.

The company earns more revenue in the long run from managing the substantial quantities of data collected by the cameras than from the hardware itself."The offer is legitimate," company founder and CEO Rick Smith said. Agencies can try this with all their officers and not pay us a dime."Smith said the company's offer will allow officers to do their job more effectively and reduce the amount of time officers spend filling out police reports.

Woman: The keys are not in the ignition, I'll call my grandfather.

At this point, the woman admitted she was scared, but the officer ends up asking her five times for the keys.

The new AIM is like a brand new supercar that has some of the old features and a whole lot more integrated into one sleek ride.

You can start a conversation with an existing contact a couple different ways:- Type name or username of a contact into the search field. A conversation window will open.- Using AIM.com, click on the compose button on top of the conversation list to open a new conversation window.- Using AIM for Desktop, click on the compose button on the bottom left of the conversation list to open a new conversation window.- Click on your friend’s name in the “Recent Chats” or “Contacts” section.

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He asked her three times to step out of the vehicle and nine times to give him her other hand.

The woman's grandfather showed up and tried to calm her down.

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