Intj trouble dating

The INTJ female is independent, strong-willed and intellectually driven.She is certainly one of a kind, making her easily misunderstood by others.If you find yourself crushing on a female INTJ, it’s important to understand that, even if the INTJ female is attracted to you, she won’t necessarily act on that attraction.

Typically most people, even guys, enjoy the emotional aspects of love. Attraction can get you into a lot of trouble, trouble that rational INTJs would rather avoid.It is almost as though the goal of love is the shivery feeling of excitement that accompanies the anticipation of seeing your “crush.” Or it’s the fluttering butterfly wings and uncertainty of being able to please the other with your appearance, or some other characteristic of physical attraction. For the INTJ, love is first about a meeting of the minds.Not that attraction and biology don’t play a role, it’s just that physical attraction rarely hijacks the INTJ female’s mind. All that hormonal stuff, like emitting pheromones, and the creation of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin — the neurotransmitters that make us a bit crazy when we’re in love?One of the most popular searches on the Always Uttori website is about INTJs and romance. When I see these searches, I can’t help but wonder if the person searching is masochistic, or just very brave. While that sounds like something easy to overcome, the sad reality for many men is that loving a woman who is guarded can be very difficult. Added to the rational factor is that INTJ females tend to be guarded in giving their commitment.

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