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The Sh KAS machine gun, with its rifle caliber, proved to be too weak a weapon against German fighters. The opening in the rear section of the navigator's cockpit was increased to accommodate the cumbersome FT mount and provide a good firing angle.In 1942, the Pe-2FT ("FT" meaning “front-line request") was designed as a response to the front-line units' requests to significantly upgrade the aircraft's armament. However, the long-barreled UBT machine gun could not be folded up in a travel position in the fuselage as the Sh KAS machine gun from the TSS-1 mount could.

So wondrous is she to behold that one look can inspire tears, desire, jealousy, and love.If you want to alter your options, you have to recompile conky.If you installed conky as a package, you can contact the maintainer of said package and ask to add a build flag or compile conky from source. On linux, the adapter option specifies the subfolder of /sys/class/power_supply containing the state information (tries "AC" and "ADP1" if there is no argument given). Battery status and remaining percentage capacity of ACPI or APM battery.One of the first cheap devices with an gigabit Ethernet switch.Manufacture advertised features: 3 removable omni antennas (RP-SMA connectors) and 24 d Bm (251 m W, v1.x)/25 d Bm (v2.x,v3.x) maximal TX power output.

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    Racism will be the main topic of the episode, so Alec could just say “I’m dating a downworlder”, but that wouldn’t be enough.

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    Letâs say I have two columns for grid 1) Field Name and 2) Field Value which comes from database table.