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Better yet, install the new version side by side with the old version so you will always have a fallback.Sometimes, that verified data still will not upgrade to the newer version.I used the program religiously from October 2004 until April 2009, when I sold Get Rich Slowly. ) I use the decade-old Quicken 2007 to do the following: Until yesterday, I hadn’t upgraded my copy of Quicken in over a decade. I didn’t feel like it was fair to review the current versions of Mint, Personal Capital, and YNAB against something a decade out of date! I’m pleased to report that it was quick and easy to copy my data from Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2017.(I’d been worried.) And the new software was easy enough to figure out.In this case, you will have to go back to the older version and do a rebuild of your data. But when dealing with the file that holds the keys to the company's financial kingdom, others will hesitate.If you do find yourself in a situation where you have to rebuild the data, do it in this order: Back up your data file, verify your data file, rebuild your data file.

But Quick Books is also a fairly complex application.The meetings got a lot more interesting a few years ago, when Mint threw a monkey wrench into the personal finance software market, which led to Intuit acquiring Mint and bringing in its CEO, Aaron Patzer, to re-light the Quicken product line.(You can download Quicken Premier, Quicken Home Business, and Quicken Deluxe from CNET ) Patzer came in with grand visions and ideas to make Quicken a more modern and relevant app.While most users export Quick Books reports as Microsoft Excel workbooks, I often use the comma-separated value (CSV) format instead.Doing so strips extraneous formatting from the report so that I can immediately filter a report or analyze it with a pivot table.

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