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Some of my favorite smut authors include: Deep Poetic Girl Well How About That Blushing Lotus Lady Momo Jinny Skeans (although most of her stuff isn’t explicit)hangmeuptodry–Alright, so in no particular order:1.

A Breathless Sort of Attraction - Well How About That (Oneshot.

(うちはサスケ, sasuke) last surviving members konohagakure clan.

None Origin creator chose to use archive warnings hatake kakashi/uchiha sasuke/uzumaki gaara/uzumaki sasuke/haruno one-sided recommendations list.

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How I'd done it, I wasn't sure, but I was about to find out. Also written on net Language English Words 5,050 Chapters Recs.Genius intellect possession Sharingan, which grants its post a. We’re Gasoline on Fire - Deep Poetic Girl (Oneshot. Aphrodisiac: At His Limits - Prodigy Uchiha (No Plot.

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