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The former couple dated for 18-month relationship and broke off last September.Vince Offer net worth: Vince Offer is an American/Israeli infomercial pitchman, writer, director, and comedian who has a net worth of million.Hirsch is self-possessed as Vincent, who witnesses a that's-no-accident car wreck and saves a stranger, Kravitz's Roxxy, from a man threatening her life.Whisking her away from the crime scene, Vincent offers Roxxy a place to get her bearings far from those who are hunting her: He's heading out to the small town where he grew up, and there's a trailer she can use on the property.

People would read into them what they would, and you know what?

The four form an easygoing family; but while the title characters flirt, taciturn Vincent takes his time, ignoring JC's encouragement to make things physical with their guest.

Good-times montages aside, the picture never lets viewers get completely comfortable.

With 2012 already off to a fantastic start — mainly thanks to a beautiful baby named Blue Ivy — this week continued the end of year’s celebratory feel as we all continue to write 2011 rather than 2012. Cole at La Pomme, Katie Couric splashed back into the dating world at Lure Fishbar, and Kelly Clarkson laughed with Miranda Lambert over spicy tuna at Koi.

All this, and more celebrity sightings, straight ahead.

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